The 3 Features for Restaurant POS System to Experience Business Success

There are so many diversifications in a restaurant, and each has its benefit. When it comes to design a perfect restaurant POS system, it is a difficult and time taking task; you have to make smart decisions for the success of your business. It is no doubt, challenging experience, but it is essential to attract more customers because a restaurant is useless without customers. 

Everything in your restaurant should be good, from staff, furniture, food and service to restaurant décor and attitude of your waiters. This way, your customers will return time and again. 

Another secret is that customers don’t always come back just for the food. A restaurant that has a relaxed and peaceful environment in which people can enjoy their food without any worry or care is more likely to be more successful and famous than other restaurants. 

Here are some features that might help you have a successful business experience:

1. Table Mapping

A table mapping feature in a restaurant POS system proves to be very helpful for the staff as well as customers. It makes sure that the customers do not wait for long and do not feel ignored that other tables have more waiters and service. 

Table mapping helps the staff members to manage the workflow. It works as an organizer which saves time and gives a neat look to your restaurant. It also makes the task of manager easy as he can easily assign tasks to his staff. It also prevents the open stations from getting jam-packed during bill payments and even monitor the table wait times, to ensure that the customers do not wait long for apps or the check. 

The best thing is that you can also check what your customers are ordering and see the regular items that are being ordered the most. It improves your efficiency as you will know what the hottest meal is for today, and you can easily create more for backups. 

2. Automated Waitlist and Reservations

You might all be aware of how difficult it is to manage the host stations. It’s not essential that you will always face nice and patient guests, you have to handle all types of people and not only that, there’s this phone ringing on one side, then many people making reservations and others cancelling their reservations, some getting angry and being impatient, some in a hurry and disturbing the lines.

Now stop, and take a deep breath! All you need is an automated POS system, it helps you make the reservations quickly, and you can check all the details of the seating and available tables within seconds. You need to have this system at your restaurant or even a small café. Also if the restaurant gets busy and populated, this system helps you to manage even the last minute bookings and data. But that’s not all; you can also see the number of guests you are having at the moment, compare guests’ statistics, compare wait time, and help you keep balance with everything. 

It will help you plan the parties and reservations according to your restaurants capacity. If your restaurant can manage 5 to 6 parties at a time then it will give you details accordingly, if it can’t handle that many people then your automated POS system will give you indication to cancel the reservation, that way your waiting area won’t get overcrowded, and it will be easy for you to manage everything. 

If your POS system does not include a reservation and waitlist system, integrating it with table management software that support POS systems can provide you these features.

Speedy interface and Quick Checkouts

The most effective feature is your speed. The more speed you have, the more customers you will get. But of course, yummy food is mandatory. You cannot win customers just because of your food quality. Some restaurants have good staff and nice food, but because of their less efficient work, their business doesn’t grow.

Plus, don’t always rely on your system; you cannot afford a system that lags in pesky situations or when your restaurant is full of customers. Systems often lag or get corrupted; you have to keep your system clean and working but don’t depend on them entirely. Fast service and quick checkouts are the keys to flourishing your business more. 

Go for offline POS system instead of online because if your internet is slow, your system will create trouble for you. A slow system will cause difficulty for your managers, cooks, and waiters because it is a world of a single click, and if that click is not being processed fast, then it will affect everything. 

A restaurant requires 12 hours of non-stop work like set tables, take orders, make reservations, attend calls, refill drinks, ask each customer if they need help, so its best to use easy hardware so you can do things quickly and in an organized way. 


Every restaurateur wants a good POS system that works flawlessly for their business. So before you select a POS system for your business, it is important to consider a few features. We have discussed the three main features for smart restaurant POS system.