How Important is Preparing for Ramadan at Your Restaurant?

Ramadan is a Holy month for Muslims. It is the ninth month according to the Islamic lunar calendar. During this month, Muslims fast from dusk till dawn, fulfill their religious obligations and are keen towards noble deeds and acts. The surprising part is that with the increasing trend of dining out in restaurants and cafes, people turn towards them to enjoy their Sehr and Iftar meals.

So, preparing for Ramadan is really important and crucial. Before preparing your restaurant for Ramadan, make sure you take into consideration the following key factors as well as allowing your potential customers to make online reservations ahead of time.

The majority populace around your restaurant

Preparations for Ramadan need to be done according to the majority of the population living around your restaurant. If you own a restaurant in a Muslim state such as Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf state, the majority is obviously Muslims. They would love to come to your restaurant to have their Sehr and Iftar meals if you have an amazing menu, peaceful ambiance and welcoming attitude.

However, if you own a restaurant in a non-Muslim state such as England but the area around your restaurant is occupied by the Muslim community mostly, you need to make good and special preparations for Ramadan in order to satisfy their needs and requirements. Also, in case of Dubai, which is comprised of the Muslim and non-Muslim population as well as visitors equally, it is significant for the restaurants over there to have a second look on their preparations for Ramadan.

Moreover, if the Muslim populace around your restaurant is less, you should still make some changes in the menu and ambiance to attract the Muslims living in nearby areas. It would increase the number of your customers during Ramadan.

Many restaurant owners claim that the ratio of people visiting their restaurants during Ramadan is comparatively higher than in other months of the year. Moreover, if Ramadan comes in summers which is vacation time, the rush increases even more. People like to spend their time with friends and family to have a good day and a pleasant fast.

Preferences and likings regarding food in Ramadan

Ramadan is a great time for Muslims to take a traditional turn-back. They love to have their traditional Muslim foods such as Kahva, Pulav, Parathas, and many others. No matter in which part of the world Muslims reside, they are always ready to come back to their traditional food and values in the month of Ramadan.

The Muslims living in non-Muslim areas of the world do not get these traditional meals most of the time. Muslims in such areas are always looking towards traditional opportunities being offered. If you let them enjoy this opportunity, they will rush towards you in no time.

Also, if you introduce these traditional meals in your Ramadan menu, it can create a big and positive difference in the number of your restaurant lovers. So, adding a little or big portion of traditional Muslim food in your menu in Ramadan is a significant factor.

Setting a high target of the revenue

In many areas across the globe, be it Muslim or non-Muslim, people are actually waiting for the month of Ramadan to arrive. This gives them a healthy chance to generate maximum revenue of the year in a single month.

As you would not want your profits and incomes to decline, keeping a check on them prior to the starting of Ramadan is important. As Ramadan gives you the perfect opportunity to attract more customers, your profit statistics can highly increase.

Therefore, revenue is another important factor to consider before preparing for Ramadan so that you fall into any loss. If your restaurant is in a kind of area where neither the number of people will decline during day hours nor will your income be affected during Ramadan, it is okay to continue with the same menu and same practices.

If seen on a global scale, big changes and new strategies are adopted as Ramadan draws nearer in order to make the most out of it. So, setting a revenue target is a crucial factor.

Is preparing for Ramadan really important?

So, it can be healthily derived from these above factors that preparing for Ramadan is highly important. A unique passion can be witnessed in the air during this holy month. As it comes with a lot of chances and opportunities, you will not only increase your revenue and profit but it will also let you make a great contribution to the Muslim society and community.

Also, if your restaurant is in a Muslim majority state, you would have a clear cut idea of the zeal, zest, and enthusiasm among Muslims during the month of Ramadan. As a Muslim and a Halal restaurant, you would surely be looking towards this time of the year. It will let you collect thousands and millions of divine rewards and blessings. Muslims have a firm belief in the blessings of Ramadan and they claim that the reward of every noble deed and act during this month is increased multiple times.

If you yourself are a Muslim and hire Muslim restaurant workers, you would not want to let go of the opportunities to collect as many rewards and get as many prayers as you can.

Looking upon the materialistic gains, it is again important to focus on your income and revenue. If there is a big opportunity hanging out there to enhance or in fact double your income, you should not let it go. Ramadan is one of these opportunities.

However, it is important to take into consideration the above-mentioned factors i.e. the majority of the population around you, the preferences and likings of the population during Ramadan and a clear target of revenue to be generated in Ramadan. Once you are in accordance with all of these factors, it would not be difficult in order to prepare for Ramadan. Contact your food suppliers, get in touch with d├ęcor designers, employ more staff if needed, and you are good to start your Ramadan preparations.