6 Ways to Capture More Online Restaurant Reservations

Opening a restaurant is a responsibility. It’s time consuming and it took so much effort too. With the growing age, people are so much up for online businesses that even restaurant businesses are going for it. Through online reservation, restaurants can get more customers, and they can manage their staff accordingly. A very prominent marketing manager of a restaurant gave detailed information to the restaurants that how should they increase their online reservations and how can they work on their websites by using location-based marketing.

The important six ways:

  1. Separate pages for different branches of the restaurant:

If a restaurant has a unique and attractive page and their social media team is quite active. They can attract so many customers. One way to attract local customers is to use local content and make content easy to understand for your customers. For example, you can give the chef details and food quality but by using local slags. Also if you have another branch of the restaurant at some other place, you have to use different content for its online page.

  1. The reservation link should be in bold letters:

Sometimes your customer has no time to see our content, and all they want is to book a table for their meetings. So at this point, it might be very annoying for them actually to look for the link on the website. The more time he has to spend there is more possibility that he might move to the competitors and that’s how you can lose your revenue.

  1. Focus more on mobile-friendly features:

With the passage of time, smartphone use has increased, and people most likely prefer phones rather than desktops and laptops. Some websites don’t open on phones, and they are desktop or laptop friendly. If you want to increase the restaurant online reservation system, you need to make your website more responsive, easy to use and mobile phone friendly.

  1. Consider using booking services:

Numerous individuals visit a site like OpenTable, Rezbook, Zomato Book , or eat specifically to complete a sweeping hunt of eateries in their general vicinity. By being recorded on these destinations, an eatery can catch reservations from individuals who may somehow not have thought about the eatery or that it takes reservations on the web. Amid specific occasions of year that eatery reservations are sought after, for example, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, these kinds of sites can be principal in getting new clients who will ideally wind up regular, long-haul supporters.

OpenTable bookings

  1. Partner with last-minute booking services:

Various sites enable eateries to list available tables when there are a minute ago cancellations. Others offer reward plans to coffee shops who book amid off-top hours. These sites normally have a little charge related with them that can without much of a stretch be recovered by filling tables that would some way or another go void.

  1. Add a reservations link on Facebook

Rather than sending guests to the eatery’s landing page from Facebook, take a stab at sending them specifically to a reservations page. Reservations, alongside menus, bearings and open hours, are the primary reason individuals visit the site. By sending them straightforwardly to the page, the eatery makes it that substantially less demanding for them to book a table.


Rebranding your Restaurant

Have you been running a restaurant for some time now? Then it’s highly probable that you might have started to reconsider how your restaurant looks to the outside world. If you are ready for a change in the restaurant, then this is for you. All restaurants go through different phases and changes in their lifespan.

You might say that this something that will happen as a constant in the universe. We all know that when we consider rebranding our restaurant, we start to get all kinds of ideas from all the different directions. But, in all essence, there is only one way to go which can nail a successful rebranding of your restaurant.

Why should you rebrand?

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a homeowner. For someone who owns a home, they know that every now and then, their humble abode looks for slight freshness and a new outlook. Who knows what a fresh coat of paint and minor adjustments can do to make everything fresh again. However, most of the time, we let go of our places to the time where it is best to tear them down and rebuild all over again. The same is the condition with restaurants. The decision to rebrand is never an easy one. However, it becomes somewhat essential.

Struggling with Prices

One of the many reasons a lot of people go for the rebranding of their restaurant is because they are somewhat struggling with their prices. There are sometimes when the existing brand starts causing hindrance for you to further develop your business. Pricing of things plays a very critical role in deciding how your restaurant will function. It’s highly understandable that people would come for an affordable steak at an affordable place rather that opt a place that would take their month’s salary in a meal. Therefore, how you price your things is essential in deciding how your restaurant functions.

Bad PR

In the world of business where your name counts a lot, rebranding can help restore your credibility and image in front of the public as well. Let’s say that your initial reputation goes bad for some reason and that results in your restaurant suffering a huge loss. Now, what rebranding does is that it goes back to the drawing board for your restaurant. This helps rehabilitate your image and gets you to the point where having an opportunity will give you the necessary boosts and second changes to make a comeback

Sales Falling

When everything is going right, and you are still going down on the sales, then it might be best to start considering what the true issue is. If your sales are constantly suffering then giving them a new image will help you attract a lot of customers, to the point that you potentially will come into a position to increase your sales as well. So, rebranding can help restore your products as well.


8 Ways to Piss Off Restaurant Staff

If you want your restaurant to run smoothly without any workplace conflicts, then do not give reasons to your staff to get pissed off. The success of your restaurant depends upon being great managers with charismatic leadership qualities. Good managers take care of their employees. They listen to their complaints and do their best to sort them out. If you don’t want your staff to be pissed off, be a great manager with great guidance. This small thing can break or make a restaurant. If your restaurant staff gets pissed off so easily, the following can be the reasons.

1: Don’t give them Time to Eat:

If you are one of the bosses who does not give enough time to your restaurant workers to eat, you are pissing them off greatly. How could you expect high productivity when your worker is hungry for 8 hours? Is it possible that he would transfer his best possible abilities to the “menu”? Certainly NOT! Don’t force them to run a marathon. Give them space. Give them time to eat so that they can easily focus on their work and guarantee you the 100 percent outcome.

2: No Entertainment:

As a manager, you must provide fun time to your restaurant staff. Provide them the opportunities to have some little cute fun while working. People come to your restaurant to sit and eat, hang out, interact and enjoy. Why can’t restaurant workers do the same social activities on a small scale level to keep them energized and fresh? Don’t worry about your restaurant guests. They will surely love it too.

3: Bad Technology

Lots of restaurants are now saddled with old technology that is badly designed and frustrating to use. From old POS to reservation systems installed years ago, staff can become irritated very quickly if your restaurant technology is very old. Consider reservation systems. Modern systems are as easy to use as the best mobile apps and often designed for tablets so your staff aren’t stuck at a big terminal just to book in guests.

4: Not Lenient with Schedule:

Isn’t it unjustified for a staff member to work late at night and then be on work early morning? It might be one of the reasons of your staff getting pissed off. Don’t be so harsh and rigid about the schedule. Let your workers complete at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

5: On-Call Shifts:

On-call scheduled shifts are annoying the restaurant staff. It leads to lower productivity, high turnover rate, and low motivation level.

6: Same Old Music:

How many times can you listen up your favorite song? Twice a day or thrice a day? What if you are “FORCED” to listen to it every day so many times? Probably you would end up throwing out the radio outside. What exactly happens with the restaurant staff when you feed them with the “same” music every day. They get frustrated, unfocused and irritated. Change the playlist every day so that they can keep up their mood with a lovely ambiance. Also, take care of the volume. Don’t set it too loud for the workers to focus on their work.

7: You Don’t Think Them “Trustworthy”:

It is ironic if you don’t trust your staff. What if an employee has an emergency and wants a short leave, but you think he is “faking” and “making up” the stories. Trust them, and they will trust you. It is a “given take” in short.

8: Don’t Appreciate Them:

Your staff can get disheartened if you don’t appreciate the good work. Acknowledge their work. Your “good words” and “recognition” can do magic to the employee’s work life.

9: Don’t Let Host Take On-Spot Decisions:

If a host/server is attending a guest, do not come in between to impose your decisions. Let the host deal the situation. Give your workers enough space to make minor decisions. In other words, empower and authorize them to take low scale decisions.

Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for you Restaurant

Facebook has become the most widely used social media for different restaurants for marketing and promoting their special offers. Currently, the number of Facebook has passed the billion mark, and it is now a major business conglomerate. This shows the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. However, you might be wondering that with so many restaurants on Facebook, how can you be distinguished? Well, here I tell you some awesome strategies that you can use for effective marketing.

Facebook Marketing


Using Facebook Ads

Facebook has well-defined, effective and innovative ads that can be used to do online marketing for a specific restaurant. Therefore, you can reach a lot of people using Facebook ads. Moreover, these ideas are quite inexpensive, ranging from half to a couple of hundred dollars.

Using Creative Hashtags

Using hashtags allows your post to reach many users. Try to use creative hashtags, relevant to a certain occasion, event or current trend to attract attention. Use famous hashtags to gain more audience.

Using Innovative Videos

A great many videos are being shared on Facebook daily. Usually, these videos are interesting, famous, funny, innovative, etc. that compel the users to watch and share them. Learn from these trends and upload videos that will increase your followers.

Going Live

A welcome addition to the Facebook app is the going live option. Learn from the time at which most of your followers are active. Then, go live with an interesting agenda and see exactly how many are currently watching.

Actively respond to messages

People hate it, when they don’t get a reply. Therefore, pay special attention to the queries of your followers/customers and try to give them satisfactory answers, at your earliest convenience.

Regularly post new content

Don’t let your account stay dormant for a long time. This shows that you are not serious anymore with your page. You are likely to lose followers if you don’t post regularly. They will start losing interest.

Attach photos to your posts

Pictures attract the eyes of users rather than text. People find it difficult to read through long texts. Therefore, always attach creative photos to your posts.

Use influencers

There many famous Facebook personals out there who have a lot of followers. You can ask them to share your page or promote it, by giving them a compelling incentive.

Use GIFs

GIFs can be taken as short form video. People want to get more information in less time. Therefore, you can use GIFs for precisely this reason and get the point across in almost no time.

Integrate with Instagram

You can integrate your Facebook account with Instagram to reach more audience. You can automatically select the option to Instagram to share photos on Facebook.

Use email

While sending emails, include your Facebook account link to your signature to promote your restaurant. You can reach some important people by doing this.

Use customized Facebook tabs

Facebook allows you to create customized tabs according to your requirement. This allows you to add pages for specific purposes like a competition, giveaway, new offers, new openings, restaurants and often it can be used to get new subscribers.