Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for you Restaurant

Facebook has become the most widely used social media for different restaurants for marketing and promoting their special offers. Currently, the number of Facebook has passed the billion mark, and it is now a major business conglomerate. This shows the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. However, you might be wondering that with so many restaurants on Facebook, how can you be distinguished? Well, here I tell you some awesome strategies that you can use for effective marketing.

Facebook Marketing


Using Facebook Ads

Facebook has well-defined, effective and innovative ads that can be used to do online marketing for a specific restaurant. Therefore, you can reach a lot of people using Facebook ads. Moreover, these ideas are quite inexpensive, ranging from half to a couple of hundred dollars.

Using Creative Hashtags

Using hashtags allows your post to reach many users. Try to use creative hashtags, relevant to a certain occasion, event or current trend to attract attention. Use famous hashtags to gain more audience.

Using Innovative Videos

A great many videos are being shared on Facebook daily. Usually, these videos are interesting, famous, funny, innovative, etc. that compel the users to watch and share them. Learn from these trends and upload videos that will increase your followers.

Going Live

A welcome addition to the Facebook app is the going live option. Learn from the time at which most of your followers are active. Then, go live with an interesting agenda and see exactly how many are currently watching.

Actively respond to messages

People hate it, when they don’t get a reply. Therefore, pay special attention to the queries of your followers/customers and try to give them satisfactory answers, at your earliest convenience.

Regularly post new content

Don’t let your account stay dormant for a long time. This shows that you are not serious anymore with your page. You are likely to lose followers if you don’t post regularly. They will start losing interest.

Attach photos to your posts

Pictures attract the eyes of users rather than text. People find it difficult to read through long texts. Therefore, always attach creative photos to your posts.

Use influencers

There many famous Facebook personals out there who have a lot of followers. You can ask them to share your page or promote it, by giving them a compelling incentive.

Use GIFs

GIFs can be taken as short form video. People want to get more information in less time. Therefore, you can use GIFs for precisely this reason and get the point across in almost no time.

Integrate with Instagram

You can integrate your Facebook account with Instagram to reach more audience. You can automatically select the option to Instagram to share photos on Facebook.

Use email

While sending emails, include your Facebook account link to your signature to promote your restaurant. You can reach some important people by doing this.

Use customized Facebook tabs

Facebook allows you to create customized tabs according to your requirement. This allows you to add pages for specific purposes like a competition, giveaway, new offers, new openings, restaurants and often it can be used to get new subscribers.