8 Ways to Piss Off Restaurant Staff

If you want your restaurant to run smoothly without any workplace conflicts, then do not give reasons to your staff to get pissed off. The success of your restaurant depends upon being great managers with charismatic leadership qualities. Good managers take care of their employees. They listen to their complaints and do their best to sort them out. If you don’t want your staff to be pissed off, be a great manager with great guidance. This small thing can break or make a restaurant. If your restaurant staff gets pissed off so easily, the following can be the reasons.

1: Don’t give them Time to Eat:

If you are one of the bosses who does not give enough time to your restaurant workers to eat, you are pissing them off greatly. How could you expect high productivity when your worker is hungry for 8 hours? Is it possible that he would transfer his best possible abilities to the “menu”? Certainly NOT! Don’t force them to run a marathon. Give them space. Give them time to eat so that they can easily focus on their work and guarantee you the 100 percent outcome.

2: No Entertainment:

As a manager, you must provide fun time to your restaurant staff. Provide them the opportunities to have some little cute fun while working. People come to your restaurant to sit and eat, hang out, interact and enjoy. Why can’t restaurant workers do the same social activities on a small scale level to keep them energized and fresh? Don’t worry about your restaurant guests. They will surely love it too.

3: Bad Technology

Lots of restaurants are now saddled with old technology that is badly designed and frustrating to use. From old POS to reservation systems installed years ago, staff can become irritated very quickly if your restaurant technology is very old. Consider reservation systems. Modern systems are as easy to use as the best mobile apps and often designed for tablets so your staff aren’t stuck at a big terminal just to book in guests.

4: Not Lenient with Schedule:

Isn’t it unjustified for a staff member to work late at night and then be on work early morning? It might be one of the reasons of your staff getting pissed off. Don’t be so harsh and rigid about the schedule. Let your workers complete at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

5: On-Call Shifts:

On-call scheduled shifts are annoying the restaurant staff. It leads to lower productivity, high turnover rate, and low motivation level.

6: Same Old Music:

How many times can you listen up your favorite song? Twice a day or thrice a day? What if you are “FORCED” to listen to it every day so many times? Probably you would end up throwing out the radio outside. What exactly happens with the restaurant staff when you feed them with the “same” music every day. They get frustrated, unfocused and irritated. Change the playlist every day so that they can keep up their mood with a lovely ambiance. Also, take care of the volume. Don’t set it too loud for the workers to focus on their work.

7: You Don’t Think Them “Trustworthy”:

It is ironic if you don’t trust your staff. What if an employee has an emergency and wants a short leave, but you think he is “faking” and “making up” the stories. Trust them, and they will trust you. It is a “given take” in short.

8: Don’t Appreciate Them:

Your staff can get disheartened if you don’t appreciate the good work. Acknowledge their work. Your “good words” and “recognition” can do magic to the employee’s work life.

9: Don’t Let Host Take On-Spot Decisions:

If a host/server is attending a guest, do not come in between to impose your decisions. Let the host deal the situation. Give your workers enough space to make minor decisions. In other words, empower and authorize them to take low scale decisions.